4 comments on “Day +30

  1. Hi Mr Rattles just checked out the photo’s of you and your rash, I think if I look towards Perth I will be able to see where RPH is as their will be a huge glow in the night sky it will probably say Paul is here!! we have a big day tomorrow as we have to move all the furniture in the house into the family room or the garage as we are having new capets put through the house on Monday, will try to get up during the week, bloods are looking really good so hope this hiccup is resolved soon, love Carol.xxxx

  2. Mr Rattles here I am pleased to say that the GVHD is certainly not as bad as it was . It sounds as if you have a busy time but it would be good to catch up with Mike before his little operation. I can tell you the staff are really working hard to get me out of Middy’s Marriott.
    Lots of love Paul and Sandi. xxxxxx

  3. Hi P & S. I have been catching up with all your posts since last I time I contacted you. There have been a collection of highs & lows over the journey so far. However, there has to be a lot of pain before you can achieve the gain….(an old elite athlete as yourself would understand this of course!!). I checked out the photos and thought THATS NOT RED. I can recall seeing worse after a hard 5 setter at Maida Vale on social training nights against Lyn Mckrill!!! Seriously old friend it’s great to see your hard fought successful progress to date and will stay tuned for more good news stories to come. I hope to pay you a visit soon……all the best… Stu.

    • Hi Stu, thanks for your message, good to hear from you. I would love to have a game of squash with you but that might have to be put on hold for the time being. I look forward o catching up with up I hope in the not too distant future. Regards Paul

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