12 comments on “Day +31

  1. Hi Paul and Sandi, Glad Pauls’s feeling okay despite today’s deveopments. Slightly suspicious of the gowning up and mask wearing which only seems to have become an issue since our visit. I didn’t think we were that ugly! Anyway, have a good rest and hope you had a good day. Lots of love Nancy and Grogxxx

  2. Sounds like things are interesting at the Marriott. Glad it’s still improving though even if its baby steps. One day at a time is the best way to live a lot of the time. xxxxx

  3. Looks like a good outfit for the Melbourne Cup lunch Sandi. Where`s the hat? Trust you to outdo my mask 🙂 Paul sounds like you are shredding the `old Paul` for the `new Paul`. Make sure you still keep some of the `old Paul` though cos he`s ok in his orginal form 🙂 Keep up the good work and you will eventually get that T.Bone and chips. Love to you both Coral xoxo

  4. Hey Paul, Sandi obviously still finds you ‘appealling’ and gets all dressed up for her dates with you! You know some women pay hundreds of dollars for a chemical face peel , they say it makes them look ten years younger ……………. ! New blood, new skin, here’s to the new you 🙂 xxx

  5. Hey Paul, I’ve been following your progress via the blog, you’ve certainly been through the mill, but now you know they say ‘red’ is a sexy colour! So hang in there and get well. All the best to you and Sandi and all of your family. Cheers Linda

  6. was good to see you and Sandi on saturday, ladies do pay lots for the body wrapps too Paul and you get one everyday
    see you soon love Michele & Michael xxx

  7. Hi Paul, I hope all is well and that your recovery is going in the right direction.
    This red rash you keep going on about! I know what it is:- you are finally giving in to your inner desires and that your body is showing that you are a Reds supporter!!!!!
    Keep your chin my friend as we will let you come on board the Red Machine and let you follow a Premier League Team for a change.
    All the best and remember YNWA.

    • There’s no way I would ever change to a Liverpool supporter. Thanks for the offer but soon me an my and my new cells will be ‘marching on together’ straight into the premier league.

  8. Hi Paul, have been keeping track of your road to recovery, as windy and hilly as it sometimes may seem. Just wanted to drop you a quick hello and a smile to let you know we are all thinking of you.

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