17 comments on “Day +33

  1. Hi Paul, Just to let you know that you are in my thoughts & I keep a regular look on this website for the latest updates. Hope things continue to improve for you as the days pass. All my very best & Take care, Andrew xx

  2. Hi Paul, I hope things are continuing to improve. Itmust be really frustrating at the pace but no matter how small the step, so long as its in the right direction. You can’t keep a good man down for long!!!’ Xxx

  3. Hi there Darlin’ & Sandy. Hope today brings better things for you. Have you in our thoughts.
    Love Jill & Chris

  4. Hi Paul and Sandi. We are all thinking of you both. Hope things start to improve soon Paul. From all your friends at Subi xx

  5. Hi there Paul & Sandi. Paul are feeling any brighter today? Sure hope you are. A day must feel like a week being confined to your room as you are! Stay positive…..won’t be long before you’re downing a Guinness & a pork pie. Yuk! Or maybe a Yorkshire Pudding? Heard Sandi makes a good pud. You poms have funny tastes! lol Did message the other day but being the computer dunce I am, looks like you didn’t receive it. Greg & I will pop in, next couple of days. Take care Paul & you too Sandi. Hugs & XXXX

  6. Hi Paul, Hope you are feeling a bit better, we are thinking of you every day, keep your chin up and keep an eye on those Eagles, they are on the come back trail, go Nic Nat!
    Not sure if you have heard but Alyce had her baby on Monday, a girl, Scarlet Karin, mum and baby doing very well.
    Alan Spooner is starting to look a bit too comfortable in your office, you need to come back soon!
    All the best, hope to see you soon, Steve and Gail

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