7 comments on “Day +34

  1. Well let’s hope the soreness is working it’s way out and away through your toes and fingers and it’ll all be gone soon. So sorry you’re having to go through all this but keeping in the spirit of the blog, here’s another song for you – Things Can Only Get Better!!! Sorry we didn’t make it to the hospital today. Hopefully, the weather will improve and we’ll manage it tomorrow. Keep your chin up. Love Nancy and Grogxxx

  2. thanks for the phone call on Monday it was good to hear you again, Jersey Boys was great last night, well ground hog day is just around the corner now for Mike I know he is nervous but he is not saying much at the moment, as I said on Monday the first one of the two of you who is the fitest first will catch up then, I hope this rash of yours goes soon as I’m sure you do but I know as long as you can wrap those nurses around your little finger you are still the same Paul on the inside. Lots of love Carol.xxxx

  3. If we could all take a bit of your pain Paul we would, you are in our hearts and minds, remember that as you fight on.
    Just been looking at the afl website, if you feel like it look at the photo gallery, some fantastic shots, quite inspiring. Never mind that girls game eh!

  4. Hi Paul and Sandi

    From the minus’s that youse are going through at this time, the pluses will be well earned by both of you

    (the computer is telling me that youse is not a word, stiff !! )

    We are glad to see that there is a good lot of friends with you on this trip

    love Keith and Gaye

  5. Hi Paul!…

    We (Paul, Saqeeb, Gary, Des and Christoph) here in the Engineering Department are really really missing you….and we want you back real soon…it is so quiet, without you coming in and cursing the photo copier…..hahahaha..it has actually been working quite well!….We have also heard that you love the food there …soooo we thought seen as it is your turn for morning tea this Friday…you could get your nurses to drop some off for us! hahahhaha

    I think Kerry is going to bring her little baby girl MCKENZIE COHEN-THOMSON in to see us this Friday for morning tea!… Has Michele shown you any photos of her yet??

    Gary said…he is still eating yummy pork pies! and he also heard you were in the running for Fergies job. hahahha

    Saqeeb said… any good looking nurses there…if there is he will come and visit, you just have to let him know what time the good ones are on their rounds!… actually Gary wants to be in on this one as well….

    I will come and visit soon…

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you every minute.

    Luv Ya.. Julie and crew xxx

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