31 comments on “Day +35

  1. Keep toughing it out Paul….you know all of us a right behind you, pushing you on to win this battle.
    I know words are simple but please know in your heart you could NOT be more loved as a human being and a man.
    Yoou are a role model to so many, keep going!

    Love always

  2. Everyone knows what happens when you take on Paul, you are in for a fight! I just wish the Eagles had as much fight as you! Hopefully last weeks win over the Bulldogs was their turning point but we will see!

    Thinking of ya bud!

  3. Thinking of you Paul, knowing that your sheer determination will help you through, and you will win this battle. Lisa x

  4. Hi Paul, sorry to hear you are taking a bit of a bashing at this time and that we are all hoping this is the start of the turning point for the upward climb.
    Darryl Jammu and Irish were coming to see you tonight and give you some Curry but will wait until you are in a better position.
    Keep up your positive thoughts and endeavours as we know you will beat this, and before we know it you will be back giving us a hard time as usual.
    Sandy, Darryl asked me to pass on to you that anything at all he can help out with please don’t hesitate to ask.
    Paul it goes without saying that you are constantly in our thoughts(even the nagging ones)
    and remember YNWA
    Regards Russ

  5. Hi Paul!…

    We (Paul, Saqeeb, Gary, Des and Christoph) here in the Engineering Department are really really missing you….and we want you back real soon…it is so quiet, without you coming in and cursing the photo copier…..hahahaha..it has actually been working quite well!….We have also heard that you love the food there …soooo we thought seen as it is your turn for morning tea tomorrow…you could get your nurses to drop some off for us! hahahhaha

    I think Kerry is going to bring her little baby girl MCKENZIE COHEN-THOMSON in to see us tomorrow for morning tea!… Has Michele shown you any photos of her yet??

    Gary said…he is still eating yummy pork pies! and he also heard you were in the running for Fergies job. hahahha

    Saqeeb said… any good looking nurses there…if there is he will come and visit, you just have to let him know what time the good ones are on their rounds!… actually Gary wants to be in on this one as well….

    We will come and visit soon…when you get stronger.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you every minute.

    Luv Ya.. Julie and crew xxx

    • Thanks for the message Julie, would love to be at the morning tea tomorrow but I don’t think they would give me a leave pass and I don’t think you would eat the hospital food.

      Tell Gary I would go for the Manchester job but it’s the wrong side of the border and the pork pies are better in Yorkshire.

      It must have been me that upset the photocopier!

      Not seen any photos of the baby save that for later.

      The nurses are all pretty hot what do you think s keeping me in so long


  6. Hey Paul, If good wishes were medicine and it was left to all your friends you’d be high as a kite right now. As it is just remember we’re all willing you on and hope that it gets easier than it has been this last week or so. Not only because we want too see you well but selfishly, we all want you out and about so we can be in your company again. Rest up and see you when you’re ready. Love Nancy and Grogxx

  7. Hi Paul & Sandi, Thoughts & Prayers are with you from everyone over here in the UK during this tough battle. Thinking of you, Lots of love & best wishes, Hope things ease up a bit as you are such a fighter. Andrew & Everyone in the UK xx

  8. Hi Paul since seeing you last the fight has definitely began!!
    Following the blog we can see your strength, fight and determination has certainly been called on!!!
    You and your 1st mate Sandi are in there to WIN we are sure of that!!!
    Keep it up our very special mates we want to visit again soon!!!
    Thinking of you every day with billions of positive thoughts and heaps if love xx xx

  9. Hey Paul, No guts no glory! You have the guts and determination to get through this. Thinking of you and wishing you well. Luv Mariyn xxx

  10. Hi there Paul. As much as we would love to visit we know that this is a fight that physically you have to do alone but rememember that we, along with all your family and friends who love you dearly, are fighting this fight with you and thinking of you every second. You know you are not alone – we are with you all the way! We cannot imagine what you are going through but know that you have the strength and willpower to get through this challenge and we look forward to sharing a lot of new good times!
    Love you Darlin’
    Jill & Chris

  11. hi Paul & Sandi hope you both are doing well i was so good to see you on Saturday
    will come again soon when you are better and stronger love you miss you xxx michele

  12. As always, our thoughts and wishes are with you, keep up the good fight and above all stay positive. This blog has certainly shown how much you mean to a lot of people, so I’m sure you have nothing but good energy and vibes coming your way. Hope you’re feeling up for visitors again soon, by the time you are I’m sure I’ll have a healthy household again and can visit. Miss you, take care xxx

    • All the support has meant a massive amount to me. I can’t believe the amount of support I have had. As always I only have positive thoughts. Love Paul

  13. Hi Paul! Not a great day Mum tells me 😦 ….she also tells me your good looks have been put on hold for a short time!! Am thinking of you at this rough time, try to stay positive and strong and will see you soon 🙂
    Take care
    Kristie,Mick,Tayah and Ben xxxxxxxxxxx

  14. Hey Paul and Sandy, looking forward to coming into see you when your up for a visit, have been following your blog, will keep an eye out for the ok to visit, lots of love to you from Dan and Gwen Craen

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