9 comments on “Day +36

  1. Hi Paul & Sandi, Lots of people who I have seen / spoken to send their very best to you during this tough period. I spoke with Marina, Auntie Eileen & Geoff last night & this morning I saw Elaine – They all asked me to pass on my best wishes. From my work – Both Amelia & Lesley send their love & my friend Ian also sends his regards. Thinking of you, Andrew xx

  2. Paul “give me the shits” This will never happen
    It’s my job to give them to him

  3. Hey buddy!

    Surely you couldnt possibly give me the shits as much as the crows this season!! But with a game agains Greater Western Sydney on Sunday I think im finally in for a win – hopefully!!

    Wishing you all the best mate – I really do hope youre behaving yourself around all those nurses at RPH, but feel free to grab a few of the younger ones numbers for me #wingman ;o)

    Love Clint


  4. No way could our “Darlin” (for all who may be wondering – it’s our nickname for Paul) give us the shits but it will be good seeing him try!

  5. Well Jill may call you “Darlin” I call you a “smashing” “champion” (popular words from Paul`s vocub) 😉
    We all soo proud of you Paul……….and Sandi. Lots of love to you both xoxox As far as other topic goes….. It saves taking the leafy greens lol

  6. Hi Mr Rattles, I think its abit drastic banning all visitors just because Mike and I can’t visit you at the moment, but on the serious side of things you need all your strength to fight the fight and we are all battling for you on the outside, Mike’s op went ok he looked well when I first got to the hospital yesterday but when I left he was feeling the effects of the aneasthetic and had vomited a little and was sleeping on and off, I rang this morning and he said the nurses had been in to see him on the hour every hour during the night that reminded me of what you had said early on at Middy’s Marriot, I think he starts his physio today no peace for the wicked as they say, that should be fun (not). Take care Paul I will keep you informed. Lots of Love Carol.xxxx

    • Glad to hear that mikes op went well Carol. It will take time but he will be up and about before too long. By now he should be home.

      Today is a better day.

      Love paul

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