18 comments on “Day +38

  1. Without argument????? Find that hard to believe 🙂

    Keep showing them how it’s done Paul, look aft that new skin.


  2. Are you sure they’re not getting him confused with another patient – ha ha. Brilliant news though. Grog said it’s like you’re being re-birthed, coming out of a chrysalis! But whatever s going on, we’re looking forward to more of the same. We think you’ve been a star and how could you not be with such back up from Sandi. Lots of love Nancy and Grogxx

  3. Hello Sandy and Paul,

    Well, he gave me plenty of arguments and I hope I get more from Paul
    I can feel with you both and say my daily prayers for you. Paul you are incredible positive and this will get you through these difficulties. If you need anyhing I can assist with, please let me know

    Love John

  4. HI Paul

    Just thinking about you over here in the wet UK. Just been speaking to Andrew about your progress, I have been asking everyday to see how you are doing, but got myself set up now, so I can pester you know, just like I do your brother.

    Keep up with the postive thinking! the art of positive thinking is a tremendous tool. I tell Andrew that all the time.

    Take care


  5. Will you be a wrinkle free Paul after this? If so, that’s an awful lot of skin to shed.

  6. how do old cock
    Paul need your help bloody Germans. gloating over euro cup final. need someone to put them in their place cant do it on my own. rainer even called it the german cup final. aggggggghhhhhhh
    so if you see it in your heart to get your a#@se out of bed and back to work that would be great.
    thinking of you mate

    • Barney I only wish I could be there to give you some support I was predicting a Spanish Final and look what we have ended up with two German teams playing at the home of football still I suppose they at least play in a world class stadium. Hope that they turn on a good game lets face it the Bundesliga is not the EPL. Two German teams just doesn’t have the same appeal as the Germans versus the English does it. Let them gloat Euro is just Round the corner (and we will qualify)
      Well done to Ferguson on a tremendous career don’t think there will be anybody to beat his achievements.
      All the best Paul.

  7. God Paul you are such a tuffy. Can’t believe how strong you are. just keep fighting
    We are thinking of you all the time
    Heaps of love and keep up your amazing attitude xxxx. Jane & Steve

  8. Hi Paul sorry to hear that things havnt been going as well as before but the idea of the new skin – no wrinkles sounds great. No wonder the nurses are looking after you so well the new young looking guy!! We are thinking of you and following your progress. Our love and best wishes to you and Sandi. Keep up the good work and positive attitude. Rita and Richard xxx

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