14 comments on “Day +40

  1. Hi Paul and Sandi,

    We’re following Paul’s progress every day on your blog and send all our best wishes. Never doubted that Paul would be able to get through the ups and downs as he’s definitely made of the right stuff!

    Hopefully he’ll be able to get a leave pass soon!

    Paul, Jen, and kids

    • Hi you guys great to hear from you and the support from you and everybody else is overwhelming. One thing for sure you certainly pull on it at times like this it has been a tough few weeks but hopefully we have turned the corner now still along way to go though.
      RememberYorkshire men are built tough
      Lots of love Paul and Sandi xxxxxx

  2. Glad to see you can at least see the glimmer at the end of the tunnel, the light will shine soon enough.
    Its great to hear also that you are wanting to eat, I’m sure that’s a massive improvement on how you have been feeling lately. I hope they sort something out for your mouth soon so you can leave the liquid diet behind.

    Baby steps in the right direction are good enough, you’ll be toddling soon
    Much love and wishes

    PS I’m going to pay you today, just coz I’m nice šŸ™‚

  3. Hi Sharon thanks for your continued support.baby steps in the right direction . Certainly nice to know I will be paid today but I must say I feel a little guilty. I need to be doing something. Remember BABY. STEPS.
    Love Paul xxxxxx

    • We can always send you some Safety Work Instructions or Proceedures if you’re that desperate!!!
      Your only job is to get better.

  4. Hi Paul,
    Baby steps or giant leaps and bounds, we are all hoping the steps are all forward for you.
    And you are doing something, your getting yourself well!!

  5. Hi Paul,
    hope you’re better soon and the light on the end of the tunnel gets bigger…

    Just wanted to let you know, we have a tipping competition for the Champions League finalist going.
    However a tipping competition without you is like soup without salt!

    So if you want you let me know who you think will be Champions League Finals winner on May 25th.
    Unfortunately for you UK guys it’s a German – German final, but the real football fan cannot be deterred by that. At least the final is in Wembley!

    Just let me know Bayern or Dortmund and I put you on the list.

    All the best for the weeks to come,

    • Walter thanks for thinking of me. Congratulations on a two German teams in the final – put me down for Bayern to win.

      Let me know the format. Paul

  6. Good to hear you are feeling abit better miss you at work you are missing out on audit this week Alan wishes you were at work for it
    loveMichele xxxxx

  7. G’day Paul, how are you feeling now (bit better I hope).
    Hope you are able to eat something now.
    Have been following your posts and it sounded like you had a few bad days there.
    We are having lunch at the moment and all the guys send their best wishes.
    Stay strong mate and get well as quick as your body permits…..

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