18 comments on “Day +42

  1. Hi Paul & Sandi..

    Wow! Paul that sounds very positive about your progress specially with the dermatology team reducing your day spa down to two a day. We here at work are sooo proud of you and think you deserve a huge medal too along with Sandi & those lovely girls that are looking after you!

    Gary said: What about Wigan. Pride of the North now. LOL
    BTW, hope that treatment isn’t messing your hair about to much (cheeky)
    I recon you will soon be back with the Whistle in your hand.

    Saqeeb said: Actually I am not talking to Saqeeb today so he hasn’t got anything to report!….hahahha no not really. He just he he needs you to get well soon! (Man of few words) We will get him to come out of his shell one day wont we!

    PS…My Holden ute is still keeping your Fords parking spot warm for you!

    Any way I had better sign off now and get back to work……Oh look at that its nearly knock off time… and I have an RDO tomorrow too.

    Take all the time you need Paul…take care…we love you xxxxx

    • Great to hear from you guys. Sorry it’s taken a little while to get back. Certainly improving daily. Tell Gary there’s no hair left to mess with – I am one Kodak style.

      Thanks for looking after MY fords spot for me.

  2. Hi Paul and Sandy,
    Just checking in to let You know that we are thinking of youse and hoping the trip is getting better for both of you
    Keith and Gaye

  3. No surprises that the nurses are givng him so much attention. They don`t get a ` real English gent` booked into the Marriott very often. Keep showing them what your made of Paul.
    Loveya both xoxox Coral

  4. Hi Paul, Really pleased that things are going in the right direction. Your positive attitude is fantastic & it is great to hear that you are progressing steadily. Always in my thoughts, Take care, Andrew xx

  5. Sounds like you have turned the corner Paul, great news. Hope you feel up to visitors soon. Love from us ….Karen and Greg

  6. Hi auld yin (sottish term of endearment) good to hear there’s some improvement, you’ll soon be chanting “mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all” 🙂 Miss your smiley face (cough cough) at work and my phone is almost redundant! Of course I’m not there today ……it’s Friday RDO, yah. Keep pumping the protein and jumping high! Luv Marilyn xxx

    • I already know I am the fairest(cough cough). Sorry it’s so boring at work for you without me there but I will make up for it on my return! Paul

  7. Hi Paul and Sandi
    It”s certainly great news to hear that everything is still compatible and working for you. Won’t it be so fabulous when your mouth is good and you can taste food again. Sending heaps of love

  8. Hi Mr Rattles, sound like you are getting some positives again, I am sure that you feel more re assured with this news as we are. I took Mike out onto the golf course today in a golf cart while I had 9 holes, just to get him out of the house for awhile it was abit chilly and he was glad to come home, he still gets abit tired and still has a few pills to take for pain relief, I try to remind him it’s still early days and he says he knows, it’s already a week since his op. Take care Paul lots of love Carol and Mike.xxxx

    • Hi carol and Mike- that week seems to have flown by. Glad your recovery is going well Mike. Won’t be long before we are both fighting fit again. Love Paul

  9. Hi Paul and Sandi , Finally the stars have aligned and the god of modern technology has shone down on our little house – the internet works and we can communicate with you – Oh how I loooooove computers- NOT! I have read most of your blog, I am in awe of your strength, determination and support for each other ….. the power of positive thought, modern medicine and love… amazing.
    All we can say is keep going and as the yanks say ” we’re rooting for you!” Literally!

    Nothing much to report in our lives, work is work and I’m sure you know more of the gossip than we do. Now to make you really envious, went down south last weekend, Busselton for the 1/2 Ironman, yes I did compete – as part of a team – I got to do the run leg a mere 21.2 km, well I finished and I wasn’t last , so all goals achieved …. although Cliff did take great joy in telling me the I was using more than my fair share of available oxygen, I believe he told me that I sounded like a “rhino on heat” NICE. I then needed to recoup down in Margaret River for a few days, as you do – what joy, the weather was kind to us , cool but lovely clear days, flat ocean, good food and wine … brilliant. Hamish stayed with Simone (daughter) and turned into Houdini, escaping most days to play with the dogs next door – little bugger. Situation for us is all normal – normalcy is probably something that you are both craving. It will come, day at a time……

    Thinking of you both – keep doing what your told! …. lots of love Sylvia and Cliff

  10. Thanks for your message Sylvia great to hear from you. I might be an athlete but never done a half marathon – great effort. We could do with a few days in Margaret river when things get back to normal (yes normality is something we both crave).

    Keep up those positive vibes I will take everything offered. Love Paul

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