15 comments on “Day +45

  1. Hey Paul, you ol’ hippy! And we thought it was us making you smile when all the time it was the pain medication! That’ll teach us. See you in two weeks. Lots of love, Nancy and Grogx

    • Thanks for calling in to see me before you before you left for your holiday have a great time I am in very good hands here and much better than the other evening.
      Lots of love Paul and Sandi. cxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Paul, or should I put high Paul? Have been catching up with middysmarrow. Didn’t get a chance while all the viistors were with us. Been going through a tough time buddy! Glad to hear things are a little better now. Had to laugh at Sandi’s comment about you having trouble with your mouth, that’s never been a problem before, you’ve always talked a lot of rubbish! Hope the good looks return before too long. Keep taking the tablets. Lots of love R & B.
    PS Emma and Richard send their very best wishes to you.

    • Dear Dickie and Barbara. Still going through a tough time but everyday I can see some improvement. I must admit I can occasionally jump in a bit with my mouth but usually I am right as you are well aware. The goods looks are returning but very slowly.
      Hope you had a good time with your visitors, hope they looked after our bedroom?
      Thanks also to Emma and Richard for all their support. How’s Megan ?
      Lots of love Paul and Sandi.xxxxxx

  3. Hi Paul, Hang in there, keep strong, you know Sandy is always right so do what she tells you and you will be ok. I had Friday off work and we ended up in Bindoon for lunch, everything getting very green and lovely. I was thinking of you when we were driving around, you were onto something, hopefully it won’t be too long before you can get there again yourself. All the best, Gail & Steve.

  4. Hi Gail day off Friday well done. Sounds like really nice up that area. When we do get mobile again we will certainly be going up there again. One of my nurses Fay (another angel) has some property up there it is a beautiful area and as we said before not that far from Perth.
    How is Steve’s job hunting going.?
    Lots of love Paul and Sandi. xxxxxxxx

    • Hi Paul and Sandi, Steve started a new job today and is pretty happy with it, early days of course but we’ll see. It is nice to get away from the suburbs and the traffic mayhem, certainly makes these spots not too far away from Perth look very attractive indeed, my sister and her husband have just moved to Bindoon, living in their shed at present until their house is finished but so far they are enjoying the quieter slower lifestyle. Hope to see you soon, Gail & Steve xx

  5. Hi Mr Rattles or maybe its Bo Rattles (like Bo Jangles from the hippy era) gosh I wish I had been there to see that did Sandi video it for future black mailing rights, like you we see improvements in Mike everyday but also like you Mike gets abit frustrated and I tell him be patient it will all come good in the end but when you are not used to sittng around its difficult. We will get up to see you as soon as Mike can get through without needing his Grandpa naps Bye for now lots of love Carol and Mike.xxxxx

    • Hi Carol and Mike. Mr Rattles here. Had a good day today getting better each day baby steps. It’s good to hear that Mile is making good progress with his knee I know when you have been on the go the whole time it’s difficult to adjust.
      Love Paul and Sandi xxxxxxq

  6. Trouble with your mouth, does that mean you’re giving it a rest and being quiet??? Hmm would find that hard to believe. Sandi, can understand your comment about Paul’s frustration level being a positive thing. He’s normally always frustrated when we see him 🙂

    Hope you’re up for visitors again soon, baby steps…….
    Much love

    • Sharon you shock me frustrated never but I must say it has been a little bit quite. I have a lot to make up so your office better get ready not for a while yet though.Baby Steps.
      Love Paul.xxxxx

  7. Hi Paul & Sandi glad to hear all is going better baby steps. hoping you can have visitors soon love to see you and Sandi
    love Michele 🙂 xxx

  8. Michele Mike as previous thanks for your support. certainly looking forward to seeing visitors again in the not too distant future. It’s seems like a life time ago since we were sat in my office having our lunch. One day we will do it again.
    Love Paul. xxxxxx

  9. Hi paul and Sandi, Love the outfit girl…work it baby…work it!!!, :_) :-)…I’ll bet you had to fight the Spunk Rat off when he saw you 🙂 ……And you Spunk-Rat, you’ve certainly been through the sewer lately. I had planned to come for a visit when you came home, but I got the sniffles and cold sores (how appealy is that?) so followed instructions and stayed away. Hopefully, when you are allowed visitors soon, Ross and I’ll be able to pop in. Don’t let the little bastards get you down mate. You’ve obviously buckled up for the long ride and hopefully you know how much you mean to so many people. xxxx

  10. Hi Rae. Nice to hear from you another new name Spunk Rat look forward to catching up at some stage in the not too distant future. A massive day today so don’t worry about me NOBODY will be stopping me or us we are determined to get over this. We look forward to another visit to you guys in Busselton like last year.
    Lots of love Paul and Sandi.xxxxxxx

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