42 comments on “Day +47

  1. Hi Paul & Sandy,
    So pleased to have some good news…the fresh air must have felt wonderful…so so pleased.
    Thinking of you both

    Andrew & Hilary

    • Hi Andrew and Hilary today was a very positive day good results all way round. I will never ever take fresh air for granted again. I felt like running around the Cathedral. I still have along way to go yet, but everything heading in the right direction.
      Paul and Sandi xxxxxxx

  2. Hi Darlin’ & Sandy
    So happy to hear your news and wish I could have shared a wine with you!
    Love Jill

    • Hi Jill and Chris it was great and it would have been great to have a drink with Sandi because she certainly deserves it. Still along way to go yet but feeling stronger every day.
      Love Paul and Sandi xxxxxx

  3. wooooohooooo so happy for you both. I bet fresh air never felt so good. Fancy Sandy having a glass of wine. What a day.

    Cheers guys

    • Hi Greg Karen as I just said Sandi deserves more than a wine she was so excited taking me out today and I might add she is an excellent wheel chair pusher.i will ever take fresh air for granted again.

  4. It can take yer skin, it can take yer hair, but it’ll never take yer FREEDOM ………….. Great news Paul xxx

  5. Hi Paul, This is excellent news, I am really pleased that you have had some fresh air – That must have been a great feeling. So pleased with the positives. Take care & always in my thoughts, Andrew

    • Andrew thanks for the message remember Yorkshire men never give up. Still a lot of recovery to do from here but we will keep fighting.say hello to all my supporters in the UK.

  6. G’day Paul and Sandy. Great news.So glad to see you finally peering out the end of that tunnel.
    Make sure you rug up when you go outside. Don’t want you catching a cold on top of everything else.
    Stay strong and focused mate. All the best to both of you. Dave and Kerry

    • Hi Dave Kerry I did get well rugged up and I bet I looked a right sight but that fresh air was well worth it. Staying very strong it’s the only way I know.
      Paul and Sandi.

  7. we are so excited for you both, we will all remember +46. lots of love to you both, Carol and Mike:))))))))))))))

    • Hi Carol Mike it was a good day hopefully even better tomorrow one day at a time we will certainly working on it . Hope the knee is continuing to improve.
      Love Paul and Sandi xxxxxx

  8. Another cocktail Barman please, we’re celebrating. Great news you two. Lots of love Nancy and Grogxx

  9. g’day and Paul couldn’t slip into the pub for a cool one? I’d complain if I were you Paul – demand your three 3spas a day and demand that they bring back the happy gas!! GReat weather to be out in so keep up the good fight and enjoy the gains as you make them – the try line gets closer.

    • Hi Don I feel the try line is a lot closer but still got a lot of work to do but believe me after today I am right up for it. I have had enough of spa baths but they are working also no more happy gas. Hopefully more fresh air tomorrow so I suppose Sandi will have another wine she certainly deserves.

  10. Yipppeeeeee fab news!!!!
    Sorry to tell you Paul but St Mary’s cathedral found Sandi lying on a pew at the back cuddling an empty bottle of something?? That was no “glass” Sandi but if I had known she was there I would have joined her…you know us girls!!! Keep your chins up people, thinking of you every day! Jo and Phil

    • I am sure that she would have loved to have shared a wine with you. We did the same route today but this time Sandi didn’t have a wine she certainly deserved it though.Still working hard to improve every day.
      Love Paul and Sandi xxxxxxx

  11. Hey Paul & Sandi. At last a good news day.. light at the end of the tunnel indeed!! I loved the thought of Paul being wheel chaired around the block……it brought back memories of one of my favourite pommy sit coms, Little England. Fingers crossed for leaps & bounds improvement from now on. Keep on keeping on Paul & thanks Sandi for keeping us all up to date with progress,
    Your old friend…Stu

  12. it is great news Paul and Sandi i wil bring you a bottle of wine for you to celebrate next time. it was good to talk to you yesterday paul hope you like the photos
    love Michele

  13. I bet Paul the sky never looked bluer the trees never greener and the birds chirping never happier. It`s not till we are taken away from all nature`s wonders do we realise how beautiful they really are. Congratulations Paul it really is an wonderful milestone. I raise my glass to you. ( I`m sooo glad I have a good excuse to do so ) Lots of love to you both. xoxox Coral

  14. Really pleased that you had a good day and going in the right direction cos’ we need you fit for next season! Bet that fresh air never tasted so good and Sandi your glass of wine tasted better than it has for a few months 🙂 Tell Paul we will all raise a glass to him marching on together . All the best Linda Geoff & Tina XX

    • Hi Geoff Linda and Tina thanks for the support from the other side of the world. Yes we are machining on together I know I am on my front hopefully Leeds will do the same.
      Hope all is well with you guys.
      Love Paul and Sandi xxxxxx

  15. Hi Paul, keep up the good work as you are rapidly approaching a milestone being 1/2 Century of Days post op. Sorry to hear that your mouth is the most affected but I bet it still isn’t keeping you quiet???
    Remember YNWA

  16. Hi Russ believe it or not it has been a struggle but I am having to cope. Slowly recovering but got along way to go yet. Believe me I am missing you boys so much you wouldn’t believe it.i would give anything to be back there right now.
    YNWA Marching on together. Paul.

    • Dom you are right there she deserves a lot more than a wine believe me.
      Missing Olvia can’t wait to see her again give her a hug from me.
      Love Paul xxxxxx

  17. Good news at last, I hope you enjoyed the wine Sandi, you deserve it. Keep up the good work Paul.
    Love Gail & Steve xx

    • Hi Gail thanks to yo you both for your support they are sure working overtime to get me well still along way to go go but just the fresh air is a tonic. As was Sandi’s wine.
      Love Paul and Sandi xxxxxx

  18. Hi Paul and Sandi
    Friday morning and another beautiful day ahead of sunshine! Hope you have been able to smell fresh air and get that dose of vitamin D the last few days Paul
    As always thoughts are with you both!
    Oh yes Sandi it is Friday and you must be ready for another glass of wine or two!!
    Hehe as you know I can never stop at one!!!
    Cheers and sending heaps of love your way
    Xx Xx

    • Hi Denise Ron wish I could be out in the sunshine but we are all working very hard towards it believe me I am sure Sandi will be ready for another quite one tonight or maybe two.
      Thanks for your support Paul and Sandi xxxxxxx

  19. Wow Sandi….having trouble visioning you in a pub by yourself drinking wine!!!! Today is another beautiful day and I hope you can get out in the sun again Paul, so glad to see you doing better
    Kristie xxx

    • Hi Kristie Mike all going to plan we will be out of here for an hour at least this afternoon. Looking forward to it so much. Getting better but along way to go still yet
      Sandi can feel a wine coming on.
      Love Paul. xxxxxx

  20. Hey Paul, well tomorrow by my calculations is day 50!!!!! You’ve been through so much in the last couple of weeks but you’ve also come a long way from the day we sat with you and you complained you were only on Day 20.

    I hope you get out in the sunshine again today, you’ll be back to walking around the block (with baby steps) soon enough.

    Much love to you both

  21. Hi Sharon yes time is passing on I must admit it has all been a blur since Friday afternoon with you guys and hopefully we can do it all again soon,appetite beginning to pickup looking forward to the fresh air this afternoon.
    Love to you all Paul and Sandi

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