15 comments on “Day +50

  1. I have seen The Intouchables but I’ve also seen Little Britain where when the driver turns his back his patient gets out of his wheelchair and dives off a diving board so I’d be watching Paul very carefully if I were you Sandi because nothing would surprise me the way ge’s going! Anyway, glad to hear that each day seems to be bringing some improvement. I’m surprised there’s any room left in Paul’s stomach with all those drugs. When I get back I’ll make him some gravy to go with his medication! Take care and keep the good news coming! Lots of love Nancy &Grogxxx

    • Nancy Grog I didn’t really care what I look like the fresh air was well it. I have decided that Sandi is a great wheelchair driver hopefully we will get some more this afternoon. You guys are on holiday, enjoy the rest of it.
      Love Paul and Sandi xxxxxx

  2. well the news once again sounds positive, I laugh at some of the things you write Sandi as my imagination runs away with what you two must look like HA! HA! I also have visions of coming across you in Pertyh and it could be something like a Frank Spencer skit. I am full of cold at the moment so it could be a few more days before we catch up. Love Carol.xxxx

    • Hi Carol Mike nice to speak to you last night glad all is going well. Frank Spencer you are probably not far off there. Get well soon.
      Love Paul and Sandi.xxxxxx

  3. Yay for 50 days! (And you thought you were in your 60s) I bet you didn’t think you’d be getting a chemical peel for your 50th. Hollywood will be jealous! I had a dream about you last night, we were in our Forrestfield house and you were showing me how fast you could run on the treadmill (and you had grown back brown hair!!!). Now that you are over the half way hump, hopefully we can look forward to steady improvement and good news in another 50 days! One foot in front of the other… All being well, we’ll see you in 5 weeks. X

    • Hi Amy Dushan. Thanks for the dream but I don’t think I am going to have long brown curly hair but the skin is coming up really well. Just getting set up for the day. Remember we have a lot of work to do yet but we we will get it done I don’t know where those 50 days have gone next 50 are the next lets get going. Look forward to seeing you in 5 weeks we can do the treadmill together.
      Lots of love Poppy Paul.

  4. Hi Paul

    On your next spin get Sandie to take you IN to the cathedral….let us pull out all stops including visiting you know who….in honesty it really is a special place…and who knows who is saying the prayers just as we are PS…If more cracks appear on the walls…run Forrest run! Good to hear things are perhaps on the turn…fingers crossed and a big hug Jo and Phil

    • Jo Phil good afternoon. Part of our trip is to spend some time everyday in the Cathedral it is certainly a beautiful building very tranquil. May have to give this area out of bounds with the weddings going off down there today I don’t think that they wold want a photograph of me in their wedding album.
      Love Paul and Sandi xxxxxx

  5. Paul from someone who didn`t even take 1 panadoil you certainly have steped up the anties haven`t you? 29 wow!!!
    Just think they are all doing a job to keep you on track to your ultimate goal.
    Keep doing what you are doing so well at and +100 will be here before you know it.
    Love Coral xo
    PS and all Sandi need`s is a glass of wine to keep her going amazing !!! πŸ™‚

    • Coral I am doing everything these guys are telling me to very difficult some days but they are working miracles for me feeling stronger everyday along road ahead though.Nicholas came in the afternoon and we went down to Supreme Court Gardens it was great. Yesterday Shelley paid me a visit which was great. I think your fiend managed another well earned wine.
      Love Paul and Sandi.xxxxxx

  6. Morning Paul

    Just when you thought it was safe….
    My wife says she’s leaving me because I always relate everything to Batman…..what a Joker!
    Have a good day xxx

      • Am very tempted, I can tell you. Yes, we’re having a lovely time thanks. Very relaxing, can’t believe we’ve been here a week already. Glad we got a thirty kilo luggage allowance, not because we’ve bought lots but we must have put on a few kilos. Glad everything is on the up for you both. See you soon. Love Nancy and Grogxxx

  7. Hang in there Paul, it’s a long road but really worthwhile coming out the other end. I’m at 23 months post transplant now and sitting enjoying a glass of red over lunch. Happy to offer any support, even a chat with someone who understands what you’re going through might be helpful. I was directed to your blog by my son who knows your son through business. Regards Dennis

    • Hi Dennis thanks for the message. Damian my son was talking to your son and it appears we are going through the same journey. I was diagnosed with MDS in July last year the transplant went well and I left hospital after 16 days I was at home a week then complications set in GVHD I have been back in hospital ever since. I believe we have turned to corner and like you have a nice glass of red sometime in the not too distant future.
      If you can offer me any other advice I would really appreciate it you can contact me at fiddletons@hotmail.com
      I hope both our journeys continue for many years to come.
      Please keep in touch from time to time I would love to know your progress.
      All the very best Paul Middleton.

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