7 comments on “Day +52

  1. Hi Paul and Sandi
    No smart comments (YET)
    It is very good to see you out and about
    Looks like you will be at the bar with Sandi soon
    We were hoping it would ease up for you soon
    Love Keith and Gaye

  2. Hi Paul, Sorry my mobile doesn’t live up to its name and is stashed in the bottom of my handbag. Good to hear your progressing and to see your smiley face again. If we’d known you were allowed out for 2 hours we could’ve wheeled you round the course with us yesterday as we managed to do the 12kms in that time 🙂 It was a great day and gave us all a feeling of achievement. To think that just over a year ago I was like you, taking baby steps. Hang in there, you’ll get there, xxx

  3. Hi Marilyn first of all well done on the fun run had to give it a miss this year who knows maybe next year I will team up with you.its another little target. Baby steps is the word I actually had a good walk around the Cathedral yesterday (knackered) lots of work to do.Baby steps.
    Love Paul. xxxxxx

  4. Morning Paul, well we are definitely entering again next year so would love to have you on our team! Um walking around the Cathedral……baby steps Mister!!!! otherwise I’ll come in and knee cap you!
    Make sure you don’t wear yourself out!
    Take care xxxxx

    • Hi Sharon looking forward to next year already. You are right baby steps only I think I did a bit tool much yesterday it is so frustrating though. Thanks for the advise.
      Love Paul.xxxxxx

      • G’day and great to hear of your progress in all directions. been out of town for a while but hope to catch up this week. looking forward to the Lions arriving this week.

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