23 comments on “Day +55

  1. Great to be hearing a run of good progress reports. That’s gotta be a good sign and long may it continue. Hopefully the weather will continue to be good so you manage to keep getting out and about. Watch those downward hills Sandi and hold on tight! Take care, love Nancy and Grogxx

    • Hi Nancy and Grog I keep saying you are suppose to be on holiday. Sandi is very good with the wheelchair we had a long walk yesterday th e exercise is also doing her well. Amy would be very proud of her.
      Love Paul and Sandi xxxxxx

      • Hi Paul, See, no peace for the wicked and what with the internet etc we are able to hound you from afar – every silver lining has a cloud! Looking forward to doing it in person so see you soon. Lots of love Nancy and Grogxxx

  2. G’day Paul and Sandi.
    Great to hear that you are both doing it much better now. Good to hear that Paul is able to eat more solids now.
    You will have to rug up even more now if you still intend going on your walks as the next few days are going to be very cool.will let the boys at work know how you are..
    Stay strong mate. All the best from Dave and Kerry.

    • Hi Dave ,Kerry the tips about getting well wrapped up yesterday was certainly cooler in the week I certainly will take it on board. Say hello to the guys for me believe me I wish I could be there.
      Paul and Sandi.

  3. Good to see the progress reports and that they are positive. John and Charmaine (Apprenticentre)

  4. Hope you get out for a bit of fresh air today but you’ll have to pick your time between showers maybe. Rug up warm and breathe deep.

    Keep moving forward with those baby steps, mind you I hope to hear you’ve progressed to toddler steps soon πŸ™‚

    Take care, hope to catch up soon?

    • Sharon too cold today so I did some corridor walking and a lot I think I did progress to toddler steps, I must remember steady steady and we will get there.
      Lots of love Paul xxxxxx

  5. Hi Paul, awesome news regarding your recovery and all the positives being dished out.
    Darryl raved at how well you are doing and importantly how well you are now looking. Keep up the positive manor in which you are combatting this challenge and you will be running in no time.
    Interesting period coming up at work with both Darryl and Jammu escaping The Hofmann Marriott and of course June being the last month in the financial year, oh joy!!!!!
    Keep up the good work my friend and remember YNWA

    • Hi Russ it sounds like you are in for a hard few weeks with the guys being way , wish I could be there to give you some assistance. I am sure you will manage alright but it is a difficult month. Meanwhile I will keep doing what these guys tell me currently on an eight hour drip.
      Remember YNWA Marching on together. Paul.

  6. Hi Paul. Great to hear about your slow but sure progress. Don’t overtax poor Sandi with all those long wheelchair treks. You might have to jump out of the chair and wheel her back!!!

    14kgs weight loss,wow,that’s huge. So according to my calculations that puts you at approx. 95kgs now.Skin and bones almost.

    Keep it up mate you’re doing amazing.

    PS all the very best from Brooke,Kristy & Aaron

    • Great to hear from you Stu. It’s hard work but I think Sandi enjoys her workouts it’s helping her get fit,weight beginning to go back on and by the way your calculations are a long way out.
      Take care Paul.

  7. Hi Paul whenever you are up for a good sprint let me know and I`ll bring Modsie in for a walk. πŸ™‚
    So good to hear the baby steps are becoming bigger and more regular. I couldn`t think of a better place to be doing your workouts by the way. Keep going Paul you doing wonderfully πŸ™‚ Love Coral xo

    • Coral along sprint is something I would love to do but that is way down the track at this stage. I am a little restricted on drips all day today. Making slow progress one day at a time.
      Love Paul xxxxxx

  8. Hi Paul, Andy’s been keeping me updated with your progress but it was only this morning that i read the inspiring blog that Sandy and you have done.

    The courage that you have shown whilst confronting this chalange is outstanding and for Sandy to be the tower of support she is.

    To climb ths mountain and still have that wonderfull smile on your face is amazing especially when others will complain about a blister or paper cut on their hands ( mind you paper cuts do hurt :):) )

    I don’t think the doctors red carded you as an April fools joke either, more an excuse to wear a mask as your history of breaking wind is legendary, especially in confined spaces.

    On a low note i hear you will be playing Doncaster next season, Andy’s been saying( as i would imagine he’s been harping on to you all) as how they not only got promotion but went up as Chanpions, that will be a topic of discussion next season when you play each other, on saying that we were very nearly playing you also.

    Keep taking them steps Paul, we are all behind you each step you take.

    Be strong Paul, our prays are with you all.

    Lots of love Dave, Julie and family

    • Great to hear from you David Julie and family are all well. Sandi is the brains behind this blog and the support from everybody had been unbelievable.
      The last time Doncaster played in our league we took all six points I expect to do the same next season. I will be taking baby steps and gradually build up a massive amount of work to put in but I can do it.
      All the best Paul.

  9. Hi Mr Rattles, all the positive vibes people have for you is finally getting through plus all of your strength and patience ( bet Sandi laughed at that bit patience that is) and the hard work of Sandi and the nursing staff at RPH. Mike started his physio sessions at Rockingham Hospital yesterday it was abit tough but the physio was really good and he sees her again next Tuesday and then he will be put into the rehab group, he sees the surgeon on Thursday, are you allowed visitors yet? hope to see you soon. Love Carol and Mike.xx πŸ™‚

    • Hi Carol Mike. Mr Rattles here.i still need a lot of that strength to get me through this stage.patience is something I am having to work on very hard, baby steps. As you are well aware the support that Sandi has been and the amazing staff at RPH.
      It’s also good to hear that Mike is making good progress with his knee.
      Give me a call about visiting I am having visitors but not to many as yet.
      Mr Rattles. xxxxxx

  10. Hope you have been enjoying some walks in the sunshine over the long weekend Paul
    So thrilled to read such positive news, keep it up!!! If you up to visitors I will try and catch up later in the week with you and Sandi xx xx

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