10 comments on “All I’ve got is a photograph

  1. Sandi…thinking of you, your family and Paul’s family today importantly.
    A big electronic hug from me to you, you are so brave and as a friend commend you for this and your love and devotion to Paul through the good times and the bad.
    I love your choice of song at this point and can only feel some part of your sadness and the unfairness of this disease today and moving forward.
    It is not until you see someone directly involved that the true devastation of this horror illness becomes a reality.
    Finally Sandi you and Paul were the “lucky” ones to have at least spent 25 wonderful years together and even though today is so so sad, rays of sunshine will come through.
    Love you Sandi, proud to call you my friend.

  2. Paul may be gone but he is not forgotton. He has left a positive imprint on the many lives he has come in contact with. Paul would always say he was the lucky one…a full glass kinda guy. If something good could come from his passing eg awareness support whatever I think that would over fill the glass for him. I do believe Paul is still watching on and that song “every step you make every move you make I’ll be watching you” comes to mind. Love always Coral xox

  3. Sandi
    My heartfelt love is with you today and forever
    Thinking of you, and Paul’s family on this sad day, another reminder of our loss of such Special Man
    That ‘ Photograph’ holds so many Amazing memories

    Love you my dear friend
    The longest biggest hug ever!
    Denise xx

  4. Sandi you have more than a photograph, Paul is with you everyday holding your hand, wiping your tears and bringing a smile to your face every time something ‘strange’ happens around the place.
    Paul may not be around any more but he is very much in all our hearts and will never be forgotten (especially when our BBQ runs out of gas at the most inconvenient time or when the footy is on!) Thanks for the laughs Paul!

    We’re always here for you xx

    Love the Lauder’s xx

  5. We were so looking forward to this day. How could we have known that this is where we’d be. Still broken hearted but looking forward is what he would have wanted for us. We will love you and miss you forever Paul. I’m so proud of your strength and courage mum.
    Amy and Dushan X

  6. A huge photograph reminds us of Paul every day at work. His kindness and warm character will not be forgotten. My best wishes for you Sandi.


  7. Way more than a photograph Sandi, you and everyone who knew Paul have many memories to ensure he lives on in all of us. He still brings a chuckle to us at work when we make certain comments, or when I use his brilliant hiccup cure. Like Paul, you are in our thoughts also, you have an extended family who keep you both in our thoughts. Huge hugs xxx

  8. Ok so for the first time ever Paul’s miracle cure for hiccups isn’t working. He just got told to stop playing games coz I’m sure this is his fault!!!!

  9. We hope you are having a Guinness up there today. It would have been your 63rd birthday and we know you would have wanted to celebrate the arrival of your 6th grandchild. We miss you every day and wish we could share just one more day with you. Love Amy, Dushan and Asher xxx

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