About me


A 62 year old whose favourite expression has always been “athletes don’t get sick”.

Well I’m not sick, I’ve just had just had a massive hurdle placed in front of me.

And I can tell you now “this athlete ain’t gunna get sick”. I will face any challenges full on …. There’s still a lot of living in this athletes body.


118 comments on “About me

  1. Hi Paul and Sandi, I hereby promise not to mention the MU words again !!! They are a dirty word in our family as my cousins 10 year old grandson has been picked for the Manchester City academy ! As for us we support Accrington Stanley because we feel sorry for them !!! Not that we’ve ever been there !! Do you remember the old advert for milk that mentioned Accrington Stanley ??
    We are so sorry that you are still having so many problems at present but pleased to hear that you managed to have a good nights sleep, I am full of sympathy about the prawn and garlic smells as I’m allergic to both prawns and garlic !!
    By the way the other day I received back a greetings card that I sent you to the hospital weeks ago, as you had left the hospital forwarded it on to your home address but the Perth mail department sent it back here instead !!! So it’s on the way to you again to your home address !!! a well travelled card !!! Hope the brochure on Blackpool has arrived by now.

    Sorry to hear that you are having to stay in hospital a bit longer, but every day is a day nearer to you going home, we are thinking about you all the time and are full of admiration at how bravely you are both coping.

    By the way the technician is removing my faulty laptop whilst I’m in hospital from next Monday May 6th and won’t return it until I’m home so I’m afraid I won’t be able to send you any messages for a few days. Hopefully when I return home you will be back at Birkett St.

    As always we send you both much love, Shirley and Stuart xxxxx

    • Hi Shirley Stuart. Yes it’s not been the best of weeks but we have just got to take it a day at a time and hopefully things will start to improve.
      I remember Accrington Stanley many years ago they went bankrupt and were relegated from I think the fourth division.
      The garlic smell only lasted for a day but I know Sandi didn’t like it and everybody else who came into my room I couldn’t smell it.
      Nothing has arrived in the post yet but I am sure it will.
      We wish you all the very best for your operation on Monday hope everything goes really well I am sure it will. It’s our turn to think of you.
      Love and best wishes. Paul and Sandi. xxxxxx

  2. Hi again Paul and Sandi, Have just read your Day + 31 report and We are so sorry to hear about all the skin problems you are having, is it very painful too ? The only glimmer of consolation is that you would have to pay a fortune for a skin peeling cosmetic treatment to renew the skin like that and also your liquid diet and eventually you will emerge like a butterfly with a beautifully smooth line free skin and a perfectly slim figure !! without wings of course !! Thank you for all your daily reports it is so good of you to keep everyone informed of your progress, it means a lot to us living so far away. The photo’s have been interesting too and we especially liked the latest one of Sandi, blue is so your colour !! I think you should definitely publish a book eventually about your journey, with all the photo’s, it would be such a wonderful source of information for patients who have to go through the same transplant treatment . Thank you so much for your good wishes about my knee “op”, compared with what you are going through mine is nothing, I’ll be thinking about you in your bed though whilst I’m in mine !!! Will be in touch again before next Tuesday. In the meantime we send you both lots of love and hope that to-day is a better one for you both, Shirley and Stuart xxxxx

    • Hi Shirley and Stuart thanks for your wishes. I have received your parcel and the book did bring back very fond memories of my childhood and some teenage years spent in Blackpool – great memories. We will return and met you there – it’s a date!

      The soreness on my skin is not too bad had spots that were a bit itchy but that seems to be easing.

      Good luck with your knee replacement my turn to send positive vibes across the ocean! A walk across the moors is another date!

  3. Just before the technician removes the laptop to take away to try and discover what the problem is with the text disappearing at times, I wanted to send you both our good wishes for your recovery, the first thing I will do on my return from hospital is to read all your reports which I’m sure will be brilliant. By the way someone has just told me that my new knee will weigh much more than the old one, that’s going to need a lot of explaining at Weight Watchers !!
    Pleased to hear that you liked the booklet on the “Comedy Carpet ” in Blackpool, we’ll certainly take you there when you are next over, also there will be a picnic at Bolton Abbey and a trek across the Yorkshire and the Lancashire moors !!! I’ll be thinking about you.
    Over and out…….Shirley and Stuart xxxxx

  4. Good morning, I keep getting people calling in telling me how jovial and laid back you appear to be when they`ve visited. My first suspicion was they`d been sent to the wrong ward, or it`s actually a cardboard cut-out of you with Skype overlay in the background!! These new cells must have come “grumpless”.
    SOS here, just a different depth, although we nearly had an emergency evacuation last week when Erich Senior thought he`d dropped 50 cents on the shop floor.
    In case you have`nt kept up with the Operation Yewtree in the UK, Jimmy Savile and his cohorts, now add Jimmy Tarbuck to the list!!
    With Freddie Starr, Jim Davidson, Rolf Harris and now Jimmy Tarbuck, the prison Panto will be a hoot!!
    on a work question…………… who does the Fire Extinguishers and what is used to punch the tags?
    It`s about the time for all of them.
    Apart from that, keep your hair on, enjoy your Spas, 3 a day eh? we only had one of them when the coal was`nt in the bath!! Southerners would`nt undertsand that one!
    Talk to you later,

  5. Hi Paul and Sandi, Well I’m back home again after my action packed three night stay in hospital in Manchester !! The first thing I did was to turn on the laptop to see how you were doing and I was so sorry to hear that you are still having such a tough time although to-day (+ 37) you seem a little better and your amazing sense of humour is still with you, what a first class trouper you are, as they say “when they made you they broke the mould” !! I thought about you a lot when I was in severe pain after the “op” and you were my inspiration and helped me through. I hadn’t realised that a knee replacement would be so bad, even with strong pain killing tablets, mind you the morphine was very helpful even though I felt I was on a different planet !! Anyway now I’m home and Stuart is in charge of everything and his physio’ sessions are certainly a cause for an early divorce !! I also have to wear a referee whistle on a cord around my neck in case I need him, I look like a geriatric games mistress !! Only two and a half months to go until I’m back to normal !!

    When I was in the Manchester hospital all the talk was about Sir Alex retiring from Manchester United and to-day my cousins are in London to hopefully see Manchester City win the FA Cup. I’m still supporting Accrington Stanley !!

    Lots of love to you both from Shirley and Stuart xxxxx

    • Today has been a better day than some. Your knee will take time to heal, as I am fast learning patience is a virtue. Make the most of getting waited on it might not last.
      By now Shirley we all know that Manchester city were not successful in their bid to win the FA cup final.

      Look after yourself Shirley take care of that knee.

      Love Paul and Sandi

  6. Hey lovely I am back ……. And ready to take up the fight. Anything exciting been happening while you have been lying back and thinking of England. How is everything on the home front? When you are up for it I have got 1000 photos &$@/!!! to show you. You may need to eat a few Yorkshire puddings to give you a bit if stamina, but it shouldn’t be too long. Love n hugs to you and Sandy xxx

  7. Welcome back. It’s been a tough few weeks but seem o be heading in right direction. Look forward to seeing a thousand photos but need to build my strength up first. Would kill for. Yorkshire pudding – or any food!

    • Hi Paul great to hear your eyes have had a reprieve and that your new skin is starting to shine through. One step at a time and that light at the end will get bigger.
      In terms of you “would kill for a Yorkshire Pudding” I saw 11 of them playing at Ellend Road the other day!!!
      All well on the shop front with Alan and Graham holding your fortress up well, with everyone looking forward to your return.
      Keep your chin up and remember YNWA

      • Thanks for the support Russ. I would sooner have 11 lemons playing at Elland Road rather than one Hannibal lector at anfield.
        Glad all is well at work. Marching on together.

  8. Hi Paul & Sandi, Thank you for your +40 day report, pleased to hear that your corneas have escaped damage and that your appetite is slowly returning, what a difficult journey you are having, but as you say there is some light at the end of the tunnel, hopefully you will be in it soon. I feel as though I’m in that tunnel with you as my whole leg has swollen up and is very painful and I get so frustrated on my crutches, I know now why they say it takes up to three months to recover, but when I think of what you have been going through so bravely and patiently I am trying to tap into your Yorkshire/ Australian guts, which is a better combination than my Yorkshire/Lancashire ones !!
    Yes Wigan did the impossible and beat Manchester City !! It cost my three relatives a thousand pounds to go and watch the game at Wembley with the tickets, hotel ,travel and drinks etc. and they said City didn’t play well at all !!!
    Time for “Dr Stuart” to supervise my physio’ and ice packs, he’s a very hard task master, the hospital staff were much less strict !!.

    I keep thinking of the future when we’ll all be together on Blackpool front, roll on !!

    The day I went to Manchester for the “op” Stuart sent you that card which the Perth post office had returned so I hope that you have received it this time.

    We are thinking about you as always,

    Lots of love from Shirley and Stuart xxx

    • Hello to you both from a sunny Perth. Shirley your knee will be fine it’s only a matter of time you will fighting fit again. Wigan beat Manchester City and they sack their coach, I cannot understand some clubs though I suppose it’s all business these days. It’s not cheap going to the football but I hope you’re relatives had a good day even if City did loose going to Wembley would have been a great day that they’d never forget.
      Well Shirley get Stuart back on his physio duties,
      Go the Stanley.
      We did receive the card from Blackpool thank you looking forward to getting back there in the not too distance
      Lots of love Paul and Sandi

  9. Hello beautiful, Russ is my kind of guy, laughed my head off even if it was at your expense. Come on Southampton come on! You can tell I don’t know what I’m talking about cos I don’t have any idea where they are in the league, or which one. Tons of love and hugs xxxxxxx to you both xxxxx

    • Hi Liz.glad to have you back in town Russ is a Liverpool supporter. I believe Southampton managed to just stay up this last season. Leeds are still rebuilding.i will fill you in when we catch up.
      Certainly heading the right direction at present.
      Lots of lovePaul and Sandi xxxxxx

  10. Hello again ! Please send us some sunny weather from Perth, May is now turning out to be the wettest and coldest on record !! Hope that you are having a better day to-day, I managed with one crutch this morning for about five minutes, Stuart has now hung a referee type whistle round my neck in case I fall over in another room, I look like a geriatric gym mistress !! I know it’s not polite to read other messages but I saw one from Alan Spooner ( I’m guessing with his sense of humour he’s from Yorkshire ?!) I had to laugh about his comment re all the entertainers being arrested in Operation Yew Tree and the prison panto’ !! As you know I worked with Jimmy Tarbuck for three years on “Winner Takes All” and also when I was a presenter in the 70’s looked after Jimmy Saville and several of the others at the BBC in Leeds, none of them tried anything on with me but I guess I was too old even then plus they had probably heard I was a member of the Yorkshire Ladies Boxing Team !!! I wonder who will be arrested next ?!! I also loved Alan’s comments about keeping the coal in the bath !! We can’t do that now as we have had it removed and replaced with a double walk in shower which is much more fun !!

    With lots of love to you and Sandi

    From Shirley and Stuart xxxx

  11. Hi Shirley n Stuart sorry for the slow response, they increased my pain killers and I have been a bit hazy the last few days. Hope by the time you receive this you are making inroads in your recovery.

    Alan is a bundle of laughs and no he is not from Yorkshire, he’s from round Northumberland (?)

    Thanks for your constant thoughts Shirley.

    Love Paul.

  12. Hello Paul, I can quite understand how hazy you must feel on pain killers, they are aptly named killers as they really play havoc with your system don’t they ? I hate taking them too and most of the time don’t feel I’m on this planet at all !! ( Stuart says that’s normal for me anyway ! ) Hopefully they will be able to take you off them very soon. I had my 20 wire staples out yesterday so I thought a short walk on my crutches would be no problem,….wrong !!!! I can understand now why they say that it takes two to three months to get back to normal walking. So your friend Alan comes from Northumberland ? You may remember that we sent you several postcards from there in the past few years as it’s one of our favourite places, especially the castles, sweeping beaches and the fabulous Farne Islands, plus the natives are very friendly !! Have you been there ? if not you must add it to your list of places to visit when you are next over.
    Are you watching the cricket ( England vs New Zealand ) on the tv ? I support both teams so it’s difficult for me !!

    Don’t worry about not replying until you are feeling less hazy, I just wanted to send you and Sandi our love and special thoughts .

    “Nurse Jones” is waiting to put me through the physio’ and ice pack treatments !! ( he’s very tough with me, no excuses allowed. Just wait until I’m off these crutches and then I’ll get him at play time, as they say !!!) Shirley and Stuart xxxxx

    • Hi Shirley Stuart. This is the first time in a long time that I am able to reply to you guys, Pain killers unfortunatey we currebtly both need them but that will pass over in time, Twenty wires taken out of your knee (painful) We have lots of places to see in the UK on our visit. We do have along bucket list though. I do remember the post cards you sent us From that area.
      I am not watching the cricket not fit enough would you believe a Yorkshire man not watching cricket it’s on Fox I don’t have that in hospital. But I do hope to be out for the Ashes which will be a much closer series than most people think I hope to watch that at home.
      Stuart or nurse Jones keep up the good work on your physio I am sure you are doing a great job.
      Lots of Love and Best Wishes Paul and Sandi. xxxxxxx

  13. Hi Paul
    Adrian here Clints Dad, just like to say thinking of you and respect you as you are a good man.
    best wishes Adrian

    • Adrian thanks for the support Clint called in to see me the other week. He is a fine young man apart from supporting the Crows nobody is perfect. ( sorry Clint)
      All the best Paul

  14. Hello Paul and Sandi, First of all thank you both so much for the beautiful get well card which arrived yesterday, it was so kind of you to send it when you have so much on your plate at present, it has pride of place on the shelf that I pass several times a day doing my physio’ and it inspires me to try harder ( that and Stuart cracking the whip !!). I can really sympathise with you regarding the pain killing medication, I found the morphine the worst, I still can’t remember periods of time in the hospital ( hope I behaved during those “lost” times !! ) I can also understand why you aren’t interested in food as I only wanted plain jacket potatoes and vanilla ice cream !! On the plus side you will emerge with a fabulous sylph like figure !! Saw the local physiotherapist yesterday for the first time and she said I can now go onto just one crutch but has given me some even worse exercises, Stuart came in with me so I can’t escape the torture as she gave him the list !!
    I’m also making a list of all the things we can do when you next come over here, hope you are planning to stay longer next time as there are so many places we can visit, I’ve got the picnic organised as well for our return to Bolton Abbey to celebrate
    Our local Lytham paper has some funny reports in it at times, to-day it says that they caught a shoplifter who’d stolen a litre of vodka, a packet of soap powder and 10 cans of deodorant !! what sort of party was he having ???

    I know that your tunnel must seem never ending but as long as there is some light showing and with your incredible brave attitude I know that you will definitely get there.

    We send you both lots of love, Shirley and Stuart xxxx

    • Hi Shirley Stuart just at this stage I cannot look too far down the track.i have a lot of recovery in me just yet but we are getting there one day at a time.
      Good to hear that Stuart is still cracking his whip at. Keep up the good work Stuart.
      Hospital food is not the best but I do need to build my strength up and my appetite is improving.
      I don’t know what your shoplifter was up to but our thief s seem a lot more violent than that.
      Perth is no sleeply little city now businesses seem to be getting broke into all the time.
      Well guys just had about my first twenty tablets since 6.00am many more to come later in the day but its all going towards a good recovery. Keep working on yours.
      Love Paul and Sandi.xxxxxxx

  15. Hello Paul and Sandi, We were delighted to hear the good news that after +46 days of such terrible pain and never ending treatment and pills that at last you can see the light at the end of the tunnel more clearly and were also able to escape the confines of your hospital room and enjoy the fresh air and 21 degrees sunshine, I’m sure that must have made you feel a hundred per cent better and more optimistic about the future. No wonder you had your glass of wine Sandi, I’m surprised it wasn’t two or three but I guess you were driving ? We certainly celebrated your news but unfortunately mine had to be a glass of diet ginger as I’m not allowed alcohol at present. Inspired by your outing I decided to try a walk on my crutches in the local park but although it was sunny it was only 10 degrees and the gale force wind nearly blew me over several times ( yes it is Summer here !!! ) so in the end we had to shelter in the local café with a mug of hot tea and a crumpet !!! Apparently it’s been the coldest May for 34 years and the sixth worst since 1910 !! I’m still wearing my thermals when we venture out !!
    We hope that you are having another good day to-day,

    Lots of love to you both, Shirley and Stuart xxxxx

    • Hi Shirley and Stuart. It does sound like you are having shocking weather over there. Keep recovering well. I have just finished my mornings medication off. Just done some exercises which a physio gave me to do the other day getting stronger but still a long way to go yet. All our friends who have had knee replacement s are now making good progress.
      I have another old work mate who is having a HIP on Monday hope he goes well also. Right got to go do some more exercise before I get put back on.
      Keep warm. Lots of love Paul and Sandi. Xxxxxx

  16. Good Morning, and on reading past reports, it would appear some things are on the mend. Life here in the Safety Officer bubble continues unabated, the odd splinter removal, small cuts and bruises, appendectomy, colonic irrigation and the odd amputative removal of limbs, but nothing out of the ordinary!!
    Your primary source of anguish is now over, Leeds are still in the Fizzy Pop league and may continue to reside there until they procure the necessary ingredient to succeed………..namely……..a team!!
    Beckham has finally retired, Ho-Hum!! And has to carry on making squillions of cash which might put the hint of a smile on Victoria`s “trout pout”. Even if she`s having it away with him she`ll still need a slice of lemon between her teeth to raise a smile!!
    Audits a plenty here, lots of contentious issues to antagonise the circulatory system, old chestnuts re-appearing, with the inevitable “ We discussed this some time ago” the popular response.
    You`ll be exceedingly pleased to hear the Gate number has reverted to Zero, another LTI.
    Ian Martin continues to breathe, Sykes continues to get fatter, and John Del Nero thinks the Eagles are better than sliced bread………………………….. sad cases!!
    Apart from that it`s all good in the Garden of HofEden, everyone`s happy at their work, piped calming music pervades through the speaker system, and Lobster thermidor is presented to all Salary staff at least 3 times a day,………………………… excuse me while I adjust my LSD intake pipe!!
    Your primary concern at present is to progress, rehabilitate and rest. The unique desires to come back “to make a difference” should be the farthest ideas in the head. Everyone asks of you, enquires of you, and I keep them all up to date at the QC meetings. Now it` is getting a little hard to convince all this when I`m reading it all from a postcard from the Cayman Islands, standing next to a Lear Jet and a flagon of ale in each hand!! Try not to make it look too obvious in future!!
    Seriously, follow the process and guidance and soon you`ll be as Grumpy as ever
    Your stand-in mate

    • Hi Alan another tonic in the arm. Great to hear that you are holding the fort. Never
      Iike to see the board go back to zero hopefully the injured person makes a good recovery.
      Fizzy Pop league for us again until we get some money or keep our better players that is where we will be. Nice to hear about Andy and Ian some things never change but I must say I do miss you all. Please tell all the guys thanks for their support believe me it’s a massive help. Don’t worry I have along way to go before getting back to work.
      By the way I have a jet waiting Barbados this time but don’t tell anybody.
      Seriously I will follow the process and guidance hopefully not as grumpy as ever.
      Take care Paul.

  17. Hi Paul, Admin had their QC meeting yesterday and I’m sad to report that Alan didn’t conduct it in the expected manner ……………..he didnt greet us at the door or have the coffee & cakes out!!!! I’m sure you would’ve explained this procedure to him for Admin 🙂 And I cant repeat what he whispered in my ear as a response, I may need to nominate him for an anger management course, luckily I’m tough and can take it, haha. There was a suggestion made that we set up Skype and we’ll sit the laptop at the top of the table and you can do your stuff, but not sure our IT guys could handle that.
    Anyway keep up your good progress and it wont be long before you can pop in in person. We all look forward to that. xxx

    • Marilyn funny I don’t remember the coffee and cakes either but perhaps that is what we need to organise. I have a very good idea Alan might have said to you but I know you can handle him. Skype is another story and I don’t think the IT boys are ready for that challenge yet they probably have more important things to do. A long way to go but making good progress. I do miss all you guys
      Love Paul. xxxxxx

  18. Hello Paul and Sandi, What wonderful news of day + 52 just now, at last you have passed the + 50 mark and are on the “homeward stretch” being allowed out for a couple of hours in the sunshine and fresh air must be such an amazing boost, no wonder your appetite has returned. I thought you looked very stylish in your going out clothes, I especially liked the hat ! Seeing Nick, Olivia and Shelley must have been such a treat as well and they would have been thrilled to see you.

    At last we have some sunshine, two days running, that’s a record especially for a Bank Holiday !! However it’s back to normal tomorrow ( and the rest of the week ) as rain is expected . We went down to the sea front again yesterday and I managed a five minute walk on the Nordic poles but like you I get frustrated because recovery seems so slow, but I think of how wonderfully positive you have been and it certainly spurs me on. I also keep singing the song “One day at a time sweet Jesus that’s all I’m asking of you, Just give me the strength to do everyday what I have to do ” I used to sing it when I was a child, I remember Kris Kristofferson sang it and I found him singing it on the internet this morning, it’s worth a listen if you like him, which I do !!

    It’s time for my physio’ again with “Dr Jones” !! that’s bad enough but being packed in bags of frozen peas afterwards is my pet hate, my knee and leg look ( and feel ) like a gigantic ice lolly !! at least it’s getting the swelling down !!

    As you know you are always in our thoughts and prayers and we look forward to hearing how you are doing in your nest “report”

    Lots of love from Shirley and Stuart xxxxx

    • Hi Shirley Stuart. I just spoke to my brother and sister in Yorkshire and they told me about the good weather you guys would be glad you made it out for your Nordic poles.
      What I must stress to everybody I am improving everyday but the homeward stretch is something we have a massive amount of work to do. Medication’s start at 4.30am till lunch time then again when we return from our walk.the staff are fantastic.
      One day at a time sweet Jesus know the song well and that is what we have been doing every day.
      The weekend was a tonic see the kids.
      Now go and get your physio done and some more walking in while you have good weather.
      Lots of love Paul and Sandi.xxxxxx

      • Hello Paul and Sandi, Thanks for your message, had to smile though when you said about the good weather we are having !! This isn’t Yorkshire and it’s poring with rain here in the West so no five minute walk with the poles to-day ! Still we’ve had two days without rain this week so can’t grumble !

        Your medication starting at 4.30 am must be so unbearable at times, it’s unbelievable just how many tablets etc that you have to take in a day, I really do feel for you as I hate taking my pain killers, I have to take them in the middle of the night for the pain but I have to eat some toast before I do so it reminds me of the midnight feasts we used to have when I was away at school ( although we had more than toast !!) we were forced to stop them though when one of the girls fell through the plaster ceiling onto one of the teacher’s bed !! Very like the “St Trinians” films my old school !!

        It’s physio’ and ice pack time again, I always think of you when I’m doing the exercises, I wonder how often you have to do them ? Pity we can’t do them together, that would be fun ?!!

        Hope that the sun is still shining for you

        Lots of love Shirley and Stuart xxxxxx

  19. Hi Shirley and Stuart keep the physio going. The weather is about to change in Perth but we will see we do need some rain though. Yesterday I did a long walk and it shows me how much work I have to do but I will baby steps. Look forward to the walk on Lytham Blackpool front long way to go before then. The support from everybody has been fantastic. Got to go more medication.
    Hope you get some more good weather. Lots of love Paul and Sandi xxxxxx

  20. Hello Paul and Sandi, Thanks for sending the Perth sunshine as its nice and warm to-day so we are off for my 5 minute walk in the nearby park, so pleased to hear that you were able to do a longer walk yesterday, I know that your journey is still a long one but at least you are going in the right direction now, I really understand how frustrating it must be, I feel like “taking my bat home” and throwing down the crutches sometimes , I’m sure you are far too well behaved to do that !!! But WE WILL get that walk on Lytham front eventually, I’m quite certain about that, even though at this stage it seems such a long way away but it will happen.

    We hope that you are able to enjoy your food more now as I’m sure that will make you feel a lot better plus your outings in the fresh air. I’m hooked on asparagus at the moment, it’s in season now for four weeks, the only trouble is you have to eat it dripping in butter !!!

    You say the support you’ve been having has been fantastic, well I’d like to thank you for your support and encouragement and the incredible way you have endured all the pain, treatments and the unbelievable intake of various tablets and medication has been an inspiration to everyone, especially to me.

    We look forward to reading the next interesting report about your recovery,

    Our love and thoughts, as always Shirley and Stuart xxxxx

    • Hi Shirley and Stuart. Nice to be able to send you some good weather, we are changing over here but I know we will get out when we can. Not keen on asparagus myself but obviously you enjoy it. The outings we have are a tonic. Slowly I am having visitors again which again is a huge tonic. Well got to go and do some more work with my guardian angels.
      Love Paul and Sandi. xxxxxx

  21. Hello Paul and Sandi, Your +55 day news was the best yet, so pleased to hear that there has been so much improvement and you can get out each afternoon for an enjoyable outing. Sandi you will get thousands of “Brownie Points” for pushing the wheelchair for 50 minutes each day plus some very fine muscle tone I’m sure. I was thinking about you both whilst I was on my allowed 10 minute walk on my Nordic poles around the nearby lake this afternoon, a very slow walk, even the ducks were passing me by ! I can understand that the Cathedral is one of you favourite places to visit, does it have tea shop ? very important on an outing. I love old buildings and York Minster is my favourite place, I’m sure you will both have been there whilst you were over here, it always amazes me how they managed to build it without all the modern equipment.

    We still have the sunshine, hope that you do too.

    Our love to you both, Shirley and Stuart xxx

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