Donor search

Siblings are the first place the marrow bank start to look for a donor, so Pauls sister Lorraine and his brother Andrew (who both live in England) kindly volounteered to go for testing. Siblings have around a 30% chance of being a match.

It seemed to be a very long wait, but eventually we got the sad news that neither Lorraine nor Andrew were a match, so, out to the Australian and international register the marrow bank went.

Whilst this seach was happening in the background (with the exeception of the occasional call-up for additional DNA typing bloodtests) Paul had his weekly routine blood tests that tappered to fortnightly and then to monthly as time progressed. Not long after he started with his injections, his blood tests started showing very favourable results.

Here we must stress, we are most grateful to our family doctor for his immediate reaction to Paul’s blood results and to the team at RPH for their response to accept him as a patient at very short notice, and for starting him on the very expensive growth factors to keep him strong and well whilst the search for a donor continued.

By all accounts from July 2012 until the 8th of March 2013 our life at least on the surface has continued on as normal.

The 8th of March 2013 is another day in this ongoing saga that will be imprinted on our minds forever. Paul arrives home from work to a very suprise letter advising him that he is scheduled to be admitted to hospital on 27 March 2013 to start the bone marrow transplant process.

Needless to say we were shocked through to the bone marrow because somebody had failed to inform us that a donor had been found. We will not dwell on this however.

This now brings us up to the current time and we are now just six days away from the day Paul will enter hospital to start the preparation (about a week) before transplant.

This is the time, when hopefully this blog site will serve the purpose of keeping our family and friends updated on Pauls “second chance journey”.

The other big purpose of this site is to help keep Paul amused during his recuperation in hospital. All posts most welcome be they quotes, jokes or well wishes. Look forward to seeing you around.


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